Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fallout New Vegas Review

So, I recently bought Fallout New Vegas for Xbox 360.
This game is amazing.
It really is.
At first, I thought it'd be crappy, due to the reviews from Gamespot.
But, it was actually really good.
Gamespot said it was glitchy, but I never encountered any glitches.
This game is awesome, and is well worth the price.
Comment your opinions on this game. :D


  1. gamespot think all games are shit.. fallout new vegas is one hell of a game! big up!

  2. Thanks, and agreed!
    I used to go to Gamespot for reviews for games I was going to buy, but they gave so many negative reviews to games I loved.

  3. Had the luxury of playing about 10 minutes of this, was quite legendary

  4. This game took over my life. No seriously, it did. First platinum trophy I've ever earned on the PS3.

  5. I didn't like how small the world felt in comparison to FO3.

  6. I know.
    The Fallout Series took over my gaming life when I first played it.
    It was the only game I played for about a month, lol.

    But yeah, Shaw, FO3 was epic.
    Still, New Vegas is a great game to me.

  7. this blog is very good mmmm

  8. A great game series, thanks for the review